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As part of the commitment to the bison industry and our members, the North Dakota Buffalo Association is constantly trying to develop new programs that work for the producer. Through our Mentoring Program, the NDBA strives to help producers, both old and new, advance within the ever-changing bison industry.

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NDBA Mentoring Program
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NDBA Mentoring Program

The North Dakota Buffalo Association’s mentoring program is up and running! In an effort to help new producers get educated on “everything” Buffalo, the NDBA has established a mentoring program to do just that.

What can this program do for you?

If you are looking for real resources to contact about areas in your operation, look no further than this. The NDBA mentoring program is designed to put you in contact with producers and experts in areas ranging from cow calf operations to finance and feed. Getting real life experience with the buffalo industry is important and we feel that the NDBA Mentoring program can do just that for you.

How does it work?

Whether you are just starting out, or you are a seasoned buffalo rancher, the NDBA Mentoring program can help you out! The following is a list of participants in our Mentoring program that have agreed to come on board and be here to help YOU! Take a moment to look over the list and see what areas these seasoned ranchers and knowledgeable associates can help you with. These members are just a phone call away from giving you valuable information and real life experiences to help get your operation underway!


Meet your mentors

Kevin L..jpg
Kevin Leier

Cow/Calf Operation & Genetics

Heartland Bison North Gate

4527 Hwy 3 South

Rugby, ND 58368


Dave Lautt.jpg
Dave Lautt

Facilities & Corral

Sheyenne River Bison Ranch

576 E Brewster

Harvey, ND 58341


Ryan H..jpg
Ryan Homelvig

Cow/Calf Operation & Genetics

Ken Mar Buffalo Ranch

1397 65th Avenue NE

New Rockford, ND 58356


Dr. Ann Olson.jpg
Dr. Ann Olson


Minot Veterinary Clinic

6901 170th Street SW

Des Lacs, ND 58733


Doug Woodall.jpg
Doug Woodall

Facilities & Corral

Big Sky Ranch

1307 71st Street N

Deering, ND 58731


Meet Your Mentors

Interested in Becoming a Mentee?

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